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Consumer Rankings: ABOUT US


Consumer Rankings is a unique site that combines expert reviews with consumer rankings to find the best products/services in each category.


Unlike other sites that rely on their existing staff for expert reviews, we realize that you simply can't employ an expert for every category...and generalists just don't work. Just because someone is an expert in technology doesn't mean that they know every aspect of it. Which is why we've decided to take a different approach.


For every category we cover, we hire consultants to help us create the best possible expert reviews and buying guides for that particular category. This way we can make sure we get true experts instead of settling. Since these are the people who make their living advising clients/companies on best products to purchase, they are completely unbiased in their recommendations...their loyalty lies to the clients(us), and not the companies their reccomend.


After we get the expert reviews in, we send out a call for existing customers to help us review products. And once we have that, we run the whole report through our custom algorhythm to come up with a Smart Ranking...a single rating, that weighs all the data to help you make the best choice.

We are consumers just like you, We realize that there is just too much choice out there. Even when you narrow down all those choices to your specific needs, you are still stuck with dozens of choices that are essentially identical for your needs. With our Smart Ranking, you can finally make that decision you've been stressing over for hours, if not days or weeks.

Unlike a lot of sites, we use a subscription model for our revenues.


Yes there are a lot of free options out there, but we don't find them adequate enough. Most of those free options are just crappy affiliate sites. One man operations who've never even used the products they review. They just reccomend you buy the items that earn them the highest commission...and suddenly a horribly reviewed product gets glowing reviews.


Even legit review sites that rely exclusively on advertising for their income, tend to be biased towards their own advertising clients. A vendor paying $20,000/mo for advertising tends to get much better reviews than they'd get otherwise.


We want to switch the model. We want to be biased towards our subscribers...not companies we review.


Please note, that we also use affiliate links to help supplement our revenues(consultants are expensive)...but know this, affiliate revenue is an after thought for us. All companies in this day and age have affiliate programs...so it doesn't affect our rankings. We'd get paid affiliate commissions no matter which product you buy...so this has no affect on our own rankings(and our Smart Ranking algorthym never sees affiliate fees...so it's a blind ranking). And you are free to research the hundreds of consumer reviews on our site to verify our own reviewer's findings. We donate a portion of our affiliate revenue to charity. Read more about this on the Content Policy page.