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Consumer Rankings: Our TEAM


We are a fairly small company. We recently launched to help provide top notch reviews to our customers. Unfortunately researching multiple products takes a lot of effort, since an average review takes more than a few days to put together(at least ours take that much...those reviewers who just write generic made up reviews...obviously take a lot less effort on their part...but we care about quality).


Other companies tend to have the reviewers on staff to make it easier for them to churn out more and more content. But that's expensive, so they make their staff review multiple products that aren't even related. This is why when you read a review by their "tech" expert...they sound great for some products, and clueless for others. That's because there is no such thing as a technology expert...that's too generic. There are refrigerator experts, laptop experts and microwave experts. But if a company were to have all those people on staff, they'd need thousands of people.


Since quality is important to us, we've decided to hire consultants for their expert advice. This way we can get the same high quality advice as their clients to make it easier for our users to make their decision. It's also a bit cheaper on our end. We only have to pay them for monthly or quarterly conusltations(depends on the product category)....so we can afford to hire a lot more conusltants to grow our content.


To help support the consultants and the operations of the website, we have a core team of people on staff.


  • Editors who are responsible for quality of our writing and for putting together the research into presentable format.
  • Researchers and Analysts who are responsible for putting together product feature sets and researching products to cover.
  • Programmers who are responsible for tweaking our algorthyms and writing new code
  • IT staff who are responsible for keeping our site running
  • Marketers who are responsible for growing our userbase and getting new visitors to our site.
  • Executives who are responsible for business development and partnerships to help grow the brand.