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Consumer Rankings: CONTENT POLICY


Our policy is fairly simple. Our reviews/rankings can't be bought. Period. We'll always be loyal to our users first and foremost. After all...your trust is what pays our salaries...the least we can do is maintain your trust in us.


To enforce this rule all reviews get checked by multiple people for potential bias. They are checked as they are being worked on, and the final product is checked by a senior editor, who has to check for bias as part of his job description.


We'll also never accept free goods or services for testing, even on a trial basis. Way too often companies send modified products to reviewers to get a better review...while selling inferior products to actual consumers. And we don't accept any free samples, since we don't want anyone to get tempted to write a better review to make sure they keep getting free samples in the future.


As mentioned elsewhere, we do get some affiliate revenue from links to seller websites...but it will never affect the quality of our reviews. Affiliate revenue is a tiny portion of our total business, and since every company has an affiliate program nowadays there is no bias on our part(especially since the program terms tend to be the same)...we just want to make sure we recommend the best products for you.


Our integrity is very important to us, which is why we take such drastic measures to insure unbiased reviews and ratings. Remember, our loyalty is to you...the customer. We aren't going to jeopardize that over a few measely bucks.



We'll never hire any consultants that are company insiders. All consultants are vetted to make sure they provide us with truly unbiased information. The last thing we need is to hire someone who works for one of the companies.


We also make sure to vet them every time we use them. There is no tenure here. If we can no longer trust your input, we'll no longer use you. These consultants don't work for free...so we don't mind demanding the highest level of standards from them. It's the least we can do.


Which is why all of our consultant work gets double checked by members of our staff...to make sure that there is no bias and that the reports submitted by consultants fit our high ethical standards.